TIME FRAGMENTS - a conversation

Master of Fine Arts in design graduation project - Sound installation

An exploratory project that aims to create awareness of the personal (non-economical) value of time and investigate the subjectivity of time perception. I was interested in different peoples impressions of time, and how to express and communicate these impressions. The intention of the project was to visualize different perspectives and experiences of time. My main interest was the subjectivity of how we experience time in different situations. Because of the subject’s abstract manner and the personal impression of it, I realized the difficulty to cover an infinite number of experiences. Instead I decided to cover a few but make them vary to create a space for the viewer’s own stories and interpretations in the gap between. The main way to collect material has been through interviews. I’ve recorded conversations with different participants who I imagine might have an interesting story to tell about their experiences of time. The participants have been chosen concerning their work occupation or life choices. The recordings were exhibit as a part of my time exhibition.