SOLO EXHIBITION, Turba gallery, Hannover

Membrane Remembrance is an exhibition that explores the perishable. The growth and degradation of bodily structures, a memory of the body that kills itself, the anarchy of cells, and the uneven struggle to stay alive.

The exhibition explores the body’s own integrated memory, cell structures, codes in our DNA and a forecast of the end battled by science. An encounter between the soft, physical architecture of a membrane, and an adamant material such as concrete.

It’s a mausoleum over the unwanted, with fleshy objects separated from the body and experienced as shape put on a pedestal. Membrane Remembrance is a celebration of the unwanted waste structures of our bodies, pulled to the open and frozen in concrete, an exploration of the tumour as shape. Objects that normally cannot be seen displayed openly. An understanding of the very thing that keep us alive (cell regeneration) might also be the reason for our death. It’s an investigation of the fear of our unpredictable bodies and our lack of control of what dwells within.

Sound installation by swedish sound artist Karin Wiberg ——->

Turba Gallery ——->

With support by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
Funded the Studio and Project Space Funding of the Cultural Office of the City of Hannover, J.D.S.
The studio and project space funding is supported by the FOUNDATION Sparda-Bank Hannover and the Dr. med. Christiane Hackerodt Arts and Culture Foundation.